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Clearance Sale!
Reptiles, Amphibians and Inverts

From 1st November we are having a clearance sale on selected dry goods in our reptile section.

This will be on a "while stocks last" basis, so first come, first to get the bargains!

Items on offer include:
  • 10% off all Exo Terra glass terrariums and Viv Exotic wooden terrariums
  • 20% off all Arcadia UVB tubes and starter units - great time to get a spare!
  • 30% off Arcadia T5 UVB Luminaires
  • One-third off Komodo glass terrariums
  • One-third off Sera biotop 60 glass terrarium (one only)
  • 10% off any Biopods in stock (Eden, Aqua, Aqua II)
  • 10% off ZooMed Reptibreeze mesh enclosures
  • Up to 75% off original price on ex-display setups and equipment! This includes stacking vivarium units, light canopies and fixtures, heat mats, and smaller items such as food and water bowls.

    Half Price Book Sale!
    The following is a list of what's currently available. All books are new, but a few have a little shelf wear. Some titles are single copies only.

    Tokay Gecko 8.50 4.25
    Crested Geckos (Professional Breeders Series) 7.99 3.99
    Green Water Dragons 7.99 3.99
    Chameleons (Jackson's, Veiled, Panther, and Parson's) 12.99 6.49
    Vivaria Designs 12.99 6.49
    Anacondas 24.99 12.49
    Garter Snakes 2.99 1.49
    Russian Tortoises (Professional Breeders Series) 8.75 4.37
    Turtles in Captivity (Professional Breeders Series) 7.99 3.99
    Harlequin Frogs A Complete Guide 6.95 3.47
    Tarantulas and Scorpions (Professional Breeders Series) 7.99 3.99

    A Guide to Keeping Lizards DVD 2.49 1.00
    A Guide to Keeping Snakes DVD 2.49 1.00

    Some of the above offers are one-only or limited stock, so it's first come, first served!
    Please phone for availability if you will be travelling far to visit us!

    This stock clearance sale will not affect the availability of live or frozen foods, or consumables such as bulbs, substrates, etc.

    Latest page update: 28th December 2018.

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