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Eheim Biopower 240 internal filter
Eheim Biopower 240 internal filter
NEW Eheim Biopower 240 (2413), internal power filter for aquariums 160 - 240 L.

  • Adjustable flow rate: 280 - 750 LPH.
  • Media capacity: 680 cubic cm.
  • 8 Watt
  • Dimensions: 96mm diameter x 325mm high.

    Multiple filtering as with an EHEIM external canister filter. Modular filter design with closed filter baskets filled with highly efficient EHEIM SUBSTRATpro filter material and an inlet strainer equipped with an EHEIM filter cartridge for mechanical-biological pre-filtration.

  • NEW: including power diffuser for strong oxygen enrichment and spray bar for natural surface movement.
  • Powerful, fully pivoted and flow rate adjustable pump head.
  • New, safe and compact filter holder.
  • Pump head holding fixture with foam filter pad and lattice screen.
  • NEW: “Easy Click” locking system for simple connection and detachment of the filter baskets.
  • Closed filter basket filled with original high quality EHEIM SUBSTRATpro filter material.
  • Inlet strainer with EHEIM filter cartridge.

  • Price: £63.99
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