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Tetra 6-in-1 Test (pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3, CL2)
Tetra 6-in-1 Test (pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3, CL2)
Good water quality is the key to healthy fish and trouble free fishkeeping. Traditional methods of testing the water can take time, and are not ideal for situations where time is limited, or when frequent testing is necessary (for example in newly established aquariums).

The TetraTest 6 in 1 dip test offers a perfect solution, by testing for 6 essential water quality parameters in less than 60 seconds. Simply dip one strip into the water, and within a minute you will have readings for nitrite, pH, carbonate and total hardness, nitrate, and chlorine.

This product replaces the old Tetra 5 in 1 test strip and now includes a Chlorine test.

Price: £11.99
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