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Seneye Home USB Water Monitoring
Seneye Home USB Water Monitoring
Suitable for Tropical, Coldwater and Marine aquariums.

Seneye Home monitors for you:
  • free ammonia (NH3+)*
  • pH*
  • temperature
  • water level monitor
  • light monitoring
    *requires consumable slide available with Seneye+

    Price includes 1 month free Seneye+
  • replacement slide
  • email alerts
  • sms alerts
  • automatic online graphing
  • personalised advice and knowledgebase
  • 2,800 tests per month, easier and cheaper than traditional test kits and you get so much more.

    Easy to use:
    The easy way to protect your fish, now there is little need to manually test your water. Setup your Seneye device and then just connect to a PC or use the optional USB Power Adaptor. Warnings can be conveniently sent directly to your email and mobile phone, or are viewable on your own seneye.me account from any internet enabled computer.

  • Automatically tests multiple life critical parameters
  • Works with all aquariums: coldwater, tropical and marine
  • Easy to install, simply drop in
  • Constantly watching your aquarium, 5,600 readings per month
  • Customisable alerts, directly to email and SMS**
  • Upload results and get straightforward advice**
  • Connect to a computer or optional USB power adaptor.
    **Some features only available with Seneye+

    More info at Seneye.com

  • Price: £69.95
    Out of Stock

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