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Seneye Reef USB Water Monitoring
Seneye Reef USB Water Monitoring
Ideal for Reef Aquariums and Freshwater Planted Tanks.

Seneye Reef monitors for you:
  • free ammonia (NH3+)*
  • pH*
  • temperature
  • water level monitor
  • light monitoring
  • LUX (lx)
  • photosynthetic active radiation (PAR)
  • kelvin (K)
    *requires consumable slide available with Seneye+

    Price includes 1 month free Seneye+
  • replacement slide
  • email alerts
  • sms alerts
  • automatic online graphing
  • personalised advice and knowledgebase
  • 2,800 tests per month, easier and cheaper than traditional test kits and you get so much more.

    Have the intelligent aquarium:
    Connect your Seneye Reef to an internet enabled PC and receive feedback about your aquarium anywhere. The sophisticated Seneye software analyses your water thousands of time per year and the predictive software can alert you before conditions become toxic via email and SMS, giving you complete comfort that your aquarium is protected.

    The advanced Seneye software gives you impartial advice after analysing your water, so you can improve your reef system, making it look even better.

  • Automatically monitors multiple key parameters
  • Constantly watching your aquarium, 5,600 readings per month
  • Healthier coral or plants with integrated LUX, Kelvin and PAR light meter
  • Early warning, intelligent software predicts future water conditions**
  • Convenient alerts sent to email and mobile phone**
  • Access results worldwide, data stored online for easy viewing**
  • Track your results with automatic graphing**
  • Connect to a computer or optional USB power adaptor.
    **Some features only available with Seneye+

    More info at Seneye.com

  • Price: £129.95
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