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Dennerle Disposable CO2 System  300 Quantum


CO2 fertilizer system for aquaria of up to 300 litres.

Complete set, comprising:

  • Convenient 500 g disposable CO2 cylinder
  • Pressure reducer Professional with 2 manometers and precision needle valve
  • Flipper CO2 diffusor
  • Special CO2 check valve
  • CO2 long-term test Correct
  • Perfect Plant System Set (25ml).

  • Price: 158.95
    Out of Stock



    The system with the practical disposable CO2 cylinder. Ideal whenever repleneshing CO2 cylinders is awkward or the nearest CO2 filling service is far away. No annoying waiting for the CO2 filling service.

    Uninterrupted supply with reserve bottle: With a replacement bottle in the base cabinet of the aquarium there will be no interruption in CO2 fertilization, should your original bottle run out at an inconvenient time, for example.

    Price: 22.99
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    CO2 Washers for Pressure Reducer on Dennerle Comfort-Line Disposable CO2 System.

  • Pack of 2 washers

  • Dennerle part no. 3029

  • Price: 2.99
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    Dennerle CO2 Crystal Set 125


    High-quality CO2 supply set in glass for CO2 fertilization of aquaria.

    Includes: CO2 diffusor, CO2 bubble counter, CO2 check valve and CO2 long-term test.

  • Aesthetics & functionality for nano aquaria
  • CO2 fertilization with maximum precision
  • Components made of high-quality crystal glass
  • For all aquaria up to 125 litres
  • Ideal for Japanese-style aquaria
  • Suitable for combination with all CO2 supply systems

  • Price: 45.99
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    Dennerle CO2 Nano Set


    Dennerle Crystal-Line CO2 Nano Set - compact source of CO2 for CO2 fertilisation of aquaria.

  • Convenient 80g CO2 disposable cartridge with stand.
  • Nano CO2 pressure reducer with precision valve for exact setting of the number of bubbles.
  • Ideal for smaller aquaria and nano aquaria.
  • Superior design and functionality.
  • Reliable supply of CO2 for lush plant growth.
  • For aquarium 10 - 250 L.

  • Price: 81.95
    Out of Stock



    Disposable 80g CO2 Cartridge for Dennerle Nano Set.

    Price: 14.99
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    Pack of 3 disposable 80g CO2 Cartridges for Dennerle Nano Set.

    Price: 39.99
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    Dennerle Crystal Line CO2 Bubble Counter


    Dennerle Crystal Line CO2 bubble counter.

  • For exact setting and control of the required amount of CO2.
  • In high-quality crystal glass.
  • Suitable for combination with all CO2 supply systems.

  • Price: 9.90
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