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  Custom Aquarium Tanks

In addition to the branded tanks we stock, we also manufacture glass aquarium tanks here onsite in our workshop facility; we have many years of experience in aquarium manufacture. As well as manufacturing standard-sized aquarium tanks, we can also offer a custom tank manufacturing service to your specifications.

Our tanks feature:

  • Float glass with bevelled edges
  • High Modulus HA6 Marine Silicone Sealant
  • 5 year sealant guarantee

In addition, we offer the following options:

  • Clear or black silicone
  • Sliding glass condensation covers
  • Holes drilled
  • Weirs
  • Acrylic weir covers and tank backing
  • Custom sump designs
  • Refugiums
  • Top-up systems
  • "Reef clean" fins
  • Dry chambers
  • Custom pipework

Tanks can be drilled to specification and fitted with overflow weirs. Custom pipework for sumps and closed-loop systems can be supplied to your specification or left to our experienced staff to provide an ideal solution for your filtration requirements.

Custom made sumps with refugiums, top-up systems, etc can all be supplied to customers’ specifications or designed by our staff.

We can incorporate other custom elements in the tank design, such as shelves to provide ‘beach’ areas for turtles, vents for amphibian or spider tanks, fixed or removable partitions to separate breeding fish, etc. We have manufactured tanks for many more unusual applications, such as growing orchids or housing a colony of leaf-cutter ants! We have also manufactured custom solutions for engineering and laboratory applications.

The cost of glass is very variable and affects our tank prices, so please call or email if you would like a quote for a specific tank size.

When purchasing any aquarium tank, be sure to check the glass thickness used, this is critical to the strength of the tank.

The standard glass thickness we use for smaller tanks is 6mm. As a general rule, tanks taller than 18" (46cm) are manufactured in 10mm glass. In addition, tanks with a base width (front-to-back) of 15" (38cm) or more will have a 10mm glass base.

Please note that the highest we can manufacture tanks in 10mm glass is 24-26" (60-65cm). Thicker glass may be available by special order.

Our glass tanks cannot be supplied by courier delivery, and are only available by collection, or delivery with our own truck within the mainland UK - please contact us with your postcode for a quote.

We can also supply custom made aquarium cabinets with a steel frame, clad with 18mm board with the laminated finish of your choice for a durable wipe-clean surface.



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